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Welcome to Medicinecontact.com - Your Go-To Hub for Seamless NPI Lookup

Finding National Provider Identifier (NPI) Numbers Made Simple

Finding National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers is now easier than ever before with Medicinecontact.com - the premier free database for healthcare provider identification in the United States. Formed with the vision of making reliable NPI data accessible to everyone who needs it, our platform offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date searchable directory in the country.

Over 6 Million Accurate NPI Records and Counting

With over 2 million accurate NPI records and counting, Medicinecontact.com has the breadth and depth of information to meet virtually any NPI lookup need. Whether you are a patient conducting healthcare provider research, a hospital coordinator managing provider networks, a billing specialist filing claims, or anyone else requiring validated NPI identifiers, we have you covered.

Intuitive Search Functionality

Our intuitive search functionality returns precise results in seconds. Search by full or partial provider name, location, specialty, credentials, and more. Refine by state, city, zip code, healthcare setting, or additional attributes until you pinpoint the right record match. With our real-time database updates, you can trust you are retrieving fully verified, current NPI details on every search.

Robust Interconnected Provider Data

But the power of Medicinecontact.com lies not just in simplified NPI lookups, but also in the expansive interconnected provider data we compile to deliver more robust perspectives. Every NPI result links to an extensive provider profile including full name, address, specialty, hospital affiliations, medical licenses held, accepting insurances, languages spoken, and much more. Our cutting-edge data aggregation synthesizes vital context to inform smarter health and care decisions.

Streamlined Identification to Improve Healthcare

Whether coordinating care networks, researching provider options, streamlining admin workflows, or any other application, Medicinecontact.com lifts the burden through frictionless NPI access. Our dedication to depth, accuracy, and ease-of-use generates tangible impacts for individuals and whole healthcare ecosystems alike.

Transforming Healthcare Access for All

Streamlining Access to Care

Streamlining NPI identification acts as a springboard for progress across healthcare administration, coordination, delivery, and even patient experience. Medicinecontact.com understands that truth and has embedded it into our mission - to leverage seamless NPI lookup capabilities to help transform system-wide access.

Connecting Patients with Care

From patients accessing lifesaving treatments to underserved groups connecting with care, our role as the preeminent NPI identification hub fuels better alignment across health organizations, caregivers, and recipient populations. We remove roadblocks and illuminate pathways so all stakeholders can thrive.

Universal Accessibility for All

Nowhere is that commitment more apparent than in our pledge to keep the Medicinecontact platform entirely free for public access indefinitely. Any person can perform unlimited NPI lookups and engage rich provider data at absolutely no cost. We firmly believe universal accessibility is the tide that raises all ships - strengthening individuals, communities, and networks holistically.

Integrated Data Resources for Healthcare Providers

Interconnected Healthcare Data

But easy NPI search represents just one piece of the intricate data integration powering Medicinecontact.com. As healthcare provision grows more dynamic, providers transit between multiple facilities, specialist teams coordinate episodically, patient records decentralize, and organizations merge and divest. Tracking all those interconnections becomes overwhelmingly complex.

Cutting-Edge Healthcare Data Aggregation

Fortunately, our intelligent database architecture rises to meet the challenge. Harnessing cutting-edge data scraping, aggregation, and machine learning capabilities, we integrate billions of discrete healthcare data points into a cohesive and navigable data resource. Information flows freely across 1.5 million physicians, 1 million+ practices and clinics, over 6,000 hospitals, 600+ insurers, 350 telehealth providers, 215 medical suppliers, the complete CMS NPPES database, and still more boundless datasets.

Holistic Visibility for Critical Clarity in Healthcare

Within that data universe, our specialized linking logic understands how things connect. Identifying a pediatrician automatically pulls their practice group, hospital affiliations, education credentials, plan coverages, patient review profiles, and other linked contexts. That holistic visibility - all stemming from a single NPI - brings critical clarity. Whether coordinating patient care, analyzing provider networks, credentialing staff, deconflicting records, or improving directories, that interconnected insight gets you from confusion to resolution in an instant.

Your Gateway to NPI Mastery

Education and Best Practices

Very few organizations command such a central and trusted position in healthcare provider data unification as Medicinecontact. But rather than jealously guard our resources, we strive to share our capabilities. That is why the Medicinecontact platform functions as a gateway - welcoming in healthcare business, administrative, and technical users while preparing them for full NPI mastery.

Building Healthcare Expertise

We start by making core NPI lookup functionality intuition itself - with guided search tools, filters, and prompts to frame queries. But we build beyond that entry-level access through premium educational materials like our Definitive Guide to Healthcare NPIs. Patients, medical coders, claims agents, and practitioners access tailored guidance on optimizing NPIs in their unique context while absorbing bigger-picture concepts. As users progress, documentation transitions into best practices for data management, leveraging integrations, maximizing directory accuracy, feeding audits and analytics, and building processes around identifier insights.

The Future of NPI Intelligence

Supporting Healthcare Innovation

Already, trailblazing technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming healthcare by building on - and enhancing - aggregate provider identifier datasets. From bots that scrape, structure, match, and reconcile oceanic information flows to machine learning algorithms identifying actionable refinements to directory databases, NPIs form an indispensable building block. As demand for such next-generation efficiency optimization explodes, so too does the utility of Medicinecontact’s offerings.

Trusted Healthcare Data Foundation

That is why integrating Medicinecontact data feeds as backend NPI identification supporters for leading solutions is increasing by 40% annually. Organizations recognize that even as end user systems come and go, the need for clean provider identifiers persists. And rather than reinvent the wheel themselves, they turn to our master catalog for the most reliable and interoperable data foundation.

At Medicinecontact, the commitments that launched us - to accessibility, accuracy, interconnectivity, and adoption - motivate us daily and ground each next chapter of evolution. That is why providers, patients, and innovators alike trust Medicinecontact as the North Star guiding the way through the complexities of healthcare provider identification today and the discoveries of tomorrow. The destination promises expanded potential for all through the power of simplified NPI mastery.