All NPI Numbers of Hospitals

FAQs about Hospitals

What is the best way to find a hospital's NPI number?

Search for the hospital name on to find their 10-digit NPI number.

How can I verify a hospital's credentials?

In addition to their NPI number, search for the hospital on to find information like their location, bed count and accreditation that can help verify their credentials.

What types of Hospitals are there?

Examples include general medical/surgical facilities, children's Hospitals, rehabilitation Hospitals, and more. provides the hospital details.

How often are hospital NPI numbers renewed?

An NPI number does not expire and will stay with the hospital for the duration of its existence. always has the most up-to-date NPI information for verification.

What additional information can I find about a hospital on

In addition to their NPI number, you can find the hospital name, location, bed count, accreditation and other details to fully verify their credentials.

How do I find someone's NPI number? Go to right now!

Navigate through for a complete list of NPI numbers for Hospitals across the United States.