Hampton 45 Pound Plate: A Staple for Home Gyms

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Hampton 45 Pound Plate: A Staple for Home Gyms

Getting Started with Hampton 45 Pound Plates

When building a home gym, outfitting the space with weight plates is one of the most important steps. Weight plates are essential for strength training routines using barbells, dumbbells, weight machines, and more. Hampton bumper plates have emerged as a top option for home gyms and garage gyms. In particular, the Hampton 45 pound plate is a foundational piece. Let's take a closer look at why these 45 pound plates are so popular and who they are best suited for.

Hampton 45 Pound Plate Overview

Hampton's urethane coated Olympic plates offer durability and versatility for most home gym needs. The 45 pound plates feature a 450mm diameter and fit standard Olympic barbells and machines. The durable urethane coating protects the cast iron plates from corrosion and damage. Hampton plates offer excellent value given their competitive pricing and reliable quality.

Key Specs and Features

Here are some of the key specifications and features of the Hampton 45 pound plate:

  • 450mm diameter to fit Olympic bars
  • 1 inch standard Olympic sleeve
  • Urethane coated cast iron
  • Precision milled and balanced
  • Textured grip handles
  • 45 pound weight
  • Sold individually
  • 450 pound load rating

The durable urethane coating, grip handles, 450mm standard Olympic size, and precision balancing make these plates versatile and comfortable for most exercises.

Who Hampton 45s Are Best Suited For

Hampton's 45 pound plates are well-suited for the following home gym needs:


Beginner and novice lifters will appreciate Hampton 45s thanks to the textured grip handle and highly visible weight markings. The manageable size is also less intimidating for beginners starting out.

Olympic Lifting

The 450mm diameter meets competition specifications for Olympic weightlifting. The textured grip ring allows secure control and handling for snatches and clean and jerks.

General Strength Training

For general gym use, these plates offer durability for deadlifts, squats, presses, and other common movements. They stand up well to frequent loading and unloading.

Garage Gyms

The durable iron construction and protective coating make these ideal for garage gyms and outdoor training areas exposed to moisture and temperature changes.

Home Gyms

The standard size, available weight increments, and competitive pricing make putting together a full Olympic plate set convenient and affordable for home gyms.


The Hampton 45s meet needs for high intensity functional training like CrossFit. Though not super thick bumper plates, they hold up to frequent dropping if used with care.

Pairing the Hampton 45s

When buying the Hampton 45 pound plate, it's recommended to purchase a pair to equip both ends of your Olympic barbell. Most barbell training requires equal weight on both sides. Other affordable plate options from Hampton to fill out a full set include:

  • 25 pound plates
  • 10 pound plates
  • 5 pound plates
  • 2.5 pound plates

It's also useful to have a mix of larger and smaller weight plate options for progression.

Bottom Line

With durable construction, a protective coating, and key convenience features, the Hampton 45 pound plate is one of the best balanced options for home gym use. They offer quality and reliability not always found with cheaper generic plate options. Hampton 45s are a smart long-term investment for the foundation of a garage or home gym.


Can the coating on Hampton 45s chip or crack?

The thick urethane coating is quite durable and resistant to chipping or cracking under normal training conditions. Make sure to store plates properly and avoid excessive dropping.

Does Hampton offer 45 pound bumper plates?

Although not true bumper plates, the urethane coating on Hampton 45s provides some protection against drops, making them more durable than basic cast iron plates. Those seeking dedicated bumper plates can check out Hampton's crumb bumper plates.

What is the load rating of Hampton 45 pound plates?

The cast iron plates with urethane coating have a load rating of 450 pounds per plate when properly secured to a standard barbell.

Do Hampton 45s fit a standard barbell?

Yes, the Hampton 45 pound plates come with a one inch Olympic sleeve opening and a 450mm diameter to accommodate standard Olympic barbells.