All NPI Numbers of Physiological Laboratory

Kgv Easy Leasing Corp

NPI Number: 1255588273

Primary Speciality:

Address: 12501 Chandler Blvd, Valley Village, California, United States

Phone: 8189801171

Cedar Hills Family Practice, P.A.

NPI Number: 1306093505

Primary Speciality:

Address: 3166 Se Military Dr, San Antonio, Texas, United States

Phone: 2102984711

Biocardia Diagnostics

NPI Number: 1891941985

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Address: 1180 Beacon St, Brookline, Massachusetts, United States

Phone: 6172772000

Spinal Electrodiagnostics Of New Jersey

NPI Number: 1891951562

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Address: 103 Demott Ln, Somerset, New Jersey, United States

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Montrose Sleep Center, Llc

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Medical Diagnostic Services Inc

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Phone: 8476260800

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Liber Diagnostics Inc

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Phone: 8182473694

FAQs about Physiological Laboratory

What types of tests are run in physiological laboratories?

Physiological laboratories focus on functional testing of organs and body systems. Common tests include pulmonary function tests, vision and hearing tests, balance and vestibular function tests, allergy tests, exercise tolerance tests and other assessments of physiology.

How can I find an NPI number for a physiological lab?

To search for a physiological lab's NPI, visit and input the name and location. NPI numbers are only assigned to individual practitioners and organizational healthcare providers, so an independent lab's information should appear.

What equipment and staff are required?

Physiological labs need specialized equipment to perform tests like spirometers, audiometers, optometers and more. Staff typically include respiratory therapists, audiologists, optometrists, exercise physiologists and other trained technicians. Proper maintenance is vital.

Are physiological labs available directly to patients?

Some physiological labs offer direct access testing for things like hearing/vision/allergy tests. However, many insurance plans require a provider referral first for coverage. Patients should check with their plan and the lab's policy on referrals and self-pay options.

What conditions can be evaluated in these labs?

Physiological labs can study how conditions like asthma, emphysema, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders, balance problems and more affect organ function to help with diagnosis and track treatment outcomes. Referring providers rely on the objective data.

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