All NPI Numbers of Military Clinical Medical Laboratory

Laboratorio Medecina Nuclear & Pet Inc

NPI Number: 1336136423

Primary Speciality:

Address: Po Box 360064, San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Phone: 7877514222

Integrated Support Command Kodiak

NPI Number: 1720064884

Primary Speciality:

Address: Building N 46 Cape Sarlchef, Kodiak, Alaska, United States

Phone: 9074875757

Fna Clinics Of America, Inc.

NPI Number: 1194786509

Primary Speciality:

Address: Po Box 10076, Van Nuys, California, United States

Phone: 8055788300

Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology

NPI Number: 1508953753

Primary Speciality:

Address: Armed Forces Instititute Of Pathololgy, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Phone: 2027821602

Community Health Foundation Logan

NPI Number: 1699840405

Primary Speciality:

Address: Hc 68 Box 1000, Logan, West Virginia, United States

Phone: 3042393888

Joseph & Company

NPI Number: 1477700342

Primary Speciality:

Address: 4001 Fannin St, Houston, Texas, United States

Phone: 2816573314

FAQs about Military Clinical Medical Laboratory

What is a Military Clinical Medical Laboratory?

Military clinical medical laboratories perform diagnostic testing for active duty service members and other authorized personnel. They are operated by each branch of the armed forces to support military treatment facilities and deployable medical units worldwide.

How can I find an NPI number for a military lab?

Military clinical medical laboratories are unlikely to have NPI numbers listed publically. As federal facilities, they use other identifiers. Contact the facility directly or your military provider for assistance locating lab contact or ordering information.

What testing capabilities do military labs have?

Military labs conduct a wide range of clinical pathology and microbiology testing and have capabilities tailored to support operational medicine needs. This may include point-of-care and deployed testing options not widely available in the civilian sector.

Can veterans use military labs?

In most cases, no - military clinical medical laboratories primarily serve active duty personnel. Veterans receive medical care and laboratory testing through the VA health system. Some testing may be authorized on a case-by-case basis when no other option exists.

How does lab testing support military medicine?

Robust laboratory services are vital for monitoring the health of service members, diagnosing and treating illness and injury in all environments, and protecting force health during deployments, disasters and pandemics. Labs facilitate rapid decision making in operational settings.

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